The Skyhawk collection is a result of a vast search across the extraordinary and geographically diverse landscapes of Southern Africa in a light aircraft.

Endeavoring to capture images of life sewn into the tapestry of unimaginable landscapes, our work, is a grand collaboration.

We cannot take credit for these images alone, but must give thanks to the mountains and rivers and oceans that have worked with us so closely to create these grand narratives and tender glimpses.


Wanderlust has been our constant companion for all our lives and it has taken us on an exceptional journey across this indescribable planet we all call home and   has made us the people we are today. From the icy wastes of Antarctica to the high desert plains of Bolivia, through the verdant rainforests of Indonesia and hustle bustle of down town New York we have enjoyed each and every moment. However our true passion began the day Jan got his pilots license and we took off into that deep blue African sky and became insatiably addicted to the vast space and endless horizons only flight can bring.

Skyhawk began as a dream to photograph Southern Africa from above, it evolved into an ambitious adventure, gathered strength and soon took on a life of its own. Over the past five years we have flown over 40 000 nautical miles in a epic search to capture images of life sewn into the tapestry of unimaginable landscape.

Coming from corporate jobs in Johannesburg we cannot explain to ourselves why we initially decided to fly this earth and capture these images; other than to say we had grown tired of a life devoid of miracles and a world fresh out of discoveries. We went in search of the magic we knew must still exist, out there, in the skies. We left behind the life we once knew and stepped face first into the unknown and a plethora of weird and wonderful experiences that have enriched us as people and given us a deep sense of purpose.

The dream was for our photographs to speak universally and to conjure feelings of spaciousness, sacredness and freedom, but most of all to Inspire people to love and conserve this jewel of a planet that we call home.

Aerial photography allows us to truly grasp the beauty and magnitude of the African landscape and most importantly allows us to see whole landscapes and ecosystems as living, breathing entities to be conserved.

Many photographers and artists have for centuries come into Africa and the wild places of this world and taken small parts of her through photography and film never to give back to the landscapes and beings that collaborated with them to create that work.

Through partnering with conservation organizations our imagery is being used to make positive change happen at grassroots level where it is often needed most. Our astounding and sometimes confrontational aerial images are not only used for awareness raising and to inspire individuals to take action, but to create alternate livelihoods and sustainable incomes for communities and the conservation projects relevant to them.

A percentage of the sale of each Skyhawk fine art print goes directly to an organisation working with the environment in the country in which it was taken.

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