Many photographers have for decades come to Africa and her wild places and taken small parts of her through photography and film never to give back to the landscapes and human beings that collaborated with them to create the work.

We subscribe to the idea that to know a place is to love a place and thus we feel that it is crucial to give back to the socio-environmental organisations operating in the environments from which we take our images.

In Mozambique we have partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Marlin lodge and their very special project: The Emergency Dugong Protection Project to conserve the last viable population of Dugong on the east coast of Africa.

The efforts to conserve the Dugong spill out into other areas of marine conservation in the Bazaruto Archipelago Marine Reserve and ensure that this area of exceptional natural beauty is protected for generations to come.

Skyhawk has a permanent Exhibition for Conservation up at Marlin Lodge and 10% of the gross sales price of all sales from the Skyhawk Mozambique Collection goes to the Endangered Wildlife Trust to support their cause.